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Yes , this is generally caused by PHP or Memory issues, but can also be caused by a faulty plugin or theme errors. If the admin section of your website is working ok then the problem is more than likely a plugin or theme issue. 

Depending on the actual issue you are experiencing will determine the time it takes to fix the issue. Most times we can have the site back up running in about 1 hour. Once we have inspected your website and confirmed it may take longer to sort the issue we will contact you with a quote to include the extra time over the the standard support request to fix your website.

Firstly Stay Calm, Hacked WordPress websites can vary in the amount of damage the malicious code has inflicted on the site. If you are not a WPXpress customer on one of our maintenance plans then you may not have a backup of you site which can greatly increase the time to secure and get the site back online. Contact Us and we can check your site to give you a price to get your site live again.

Yes no problem, we can move your WordPress website to another hosting provider, or you can become a WPXpress client and we can host your website for you. 

Yes of course, no job is too small. Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch about the changes you need.